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RUNetCMS is a web-site management system, which includes basic means of web-site's framework and contents control.
It’s based on PHP programming language and works on almost all hosting services, applying MySQL as a database.
The base project version is a free, initial open code system of site management.

The system facilities are enough to cover 95% of sites' necessities (without any revisions) and are determined by additional program modules, installed on CMS, which are constantly being developed and upgraded.

RUNetCMS is a universal platform providing a wide range of opportunities for efficient web-site design and management with minimum efforts. No special skills required to work with the system.
The HTML visual document editor, which allows to edit any documents on the web-site just as in MS Office, is used in that system.
To avoid subjectivity, we’re not going to compare the RUNetCMS with any other systems.
Here is the list of some of its advantages:

  • distributed under GNU/GPL license
  • initial open code
  • easy installation
  • The block structure is not adhered to so-called to "3 panel design", blocks on page settle down anywhere
  • flexible system of content framing
  • high speed
  • security
  • facile integration with outboard solutions such as forums, chats and galleries
  • Seo-optimization: easy (centralized) url-addresses shift; meta tag control.
  • fast’n’easy updating from the Admin panel
  • fast’n’easy design integration
  • template multiplicity
  • UTF-8 encoding
  • multi-language
  • hardware low requirements

GPL license distribution: you may use RUNetCMS for free for private and non-commercial purposes, however you are responsible for the rights of ownership. In particular, you mustn't delete the program builder's copyright neither from the initial code nor from the bottom of the web-site. Deleting is permitted only after author’s approval.
     Open source: With a CMS initial open code you may change the software according to your needs.

System installation: is fast’n’easy thanks to the built-in assistant.

Non-block structure: Just forget about "left", "right" and "central" blocks. Although right now you see the "block scheme", you can put the blocks anywhere on the page.

Flexible system of content framing: the web-site appearance may be changed completely by applying different templates block by block.

Speed: the multilevel caching system decreases hoster’s hardware loading. Minimum of enquiries to the database and a fast page generation are the distinctive features of the CMS.

Security: great attention is paid to that item. The basic work is aimed at prevention of any possible attacks on CMS. Moreover, we take checking-up and journaling into consideration, so that in case of a problem it would be possible to restore the data and make а proper conclusion.

Facile integration with outboard solutions: there are few web-sites which dispense with such forums us phpBB, SMF, IPB and so on. We have contemplated that fact and gave an opportunity to integrate easily with outboard software.

Fast’n’easy design integration: There are no limits to carry out your ideas. Template multiplicity helps you to design the web-site at your discretion.
It is stylish and necessary for each modern enterprise to have a representative office in Internet.
That software makes it possible to create any kind of projects - from a presentation web-site to a Web-portal.
Every technically competent PC-user is able to make a web-site based on RUNetCMS.
In addition, applying the RUNetCMS site management system helps you to reduce productive and maintenance costs.

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